Killer tool to develop on iPhone: ack-grep

When developing for iPhone, the IDE coming in mind is XCode and it’s a good thing cause XCode is a good piece of software. I use XCode everyday but I never found the search functionality good enough. That’s why I switched to ack-grep. It’s a little perl script way faster than grep or any other search functionality. And the result presentation is clear and efficient.

Recently, I had to work on an complex iPhone application developed by another company. ack-grep helped me a lot to dig in the hairy code. Since I’m using this tool I can’t work without it.

The installation is easy, it’s worth a try.

iPhone essential performance tools list

Once your iPhone application is done, it is good to check the possible memory leaks who could cause your application to crash. So here is a the list:

  • Leaks application that can be found in Xcode: run -> Start with Performance Tool -> Leaks
  • Apple’s Instruments utility that can be found in /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools
  • Clang, an static code analyzer to find bugs in objective-c code: