First steps with Elixir

Functional programming languages (FPL) are becoming more and more popular. Not sure if they are more and more used but at least they are more and more discussed on the web.

I’ve finally decided to take the time to learn one of these FPL. And there was the problem, which one to choose! There is so many of them.

After some reading and some stupid google query searchHaskell seems nice but a little bit too complicated to start with. So I looked at Clojure, Scala, and list goes and goes. But there is something I didn’t tell you about me, I’m a Ruby on Rails developer. And there is one FPL with a syntax close to Ruby based on a good FPL from the 80s: Elixir.

Elixir is a FPL based on Erlang with a nice and simple syntax close to Ruby. One another important thing made me pick Elixir, its getting started documentation, it’s just awesome. It took me some days to go through it. It’s a good piece of documentation with relevant examples.

I’m just at the first stage of discovering this interesting language. Some updates soon.



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