I am a web developer living in Copenhagen, DK. I specialize in server-side development with Ruby, and mobile web development.

What’s here?

What’s somewhere else?

Build your own tools!


The code is accessible on github.

When digging in big ruby on rails project, one of the key to success is being able to follow the path of a request. To achieve this, going through the generated routes from the framework is important. But a problem is `rake routes` is damn slow. To overcome this situation my tiny script allows:

  • fast routes display due to caching the `rake routes` results
  • search feature

Compatible rails 3 and rails 4.

Coding with Python

Fisher chess clock

You can find the code on github.

Tiny terminal app to have a chess clock when playing chess.

It was a good opportunity to use the curses python lib.

Iphone developement

Kelformation iPhone app

Application allowing to browse the trainings also proposed on the website Kelformation.

Application develop from scratch by myself.

Explorimmo iphone app

Application allowing to browse the classifieds also proposed on the website Explorimmo.

Applicaton updated by myself. Lot of bugs fixed and some navigation enhancements.

iTunes link

Cadremploi iphone App

Application allowing to browse the job offers also proposed on the website Cadremploi.

On this application, I did the code to establish a secure connection with the user account on the website to get the user’s CV and allow him to apply to a job offer directly from his iPhone.

Ruby on Rails development


Ruby on Rails Service to easily create and host websites for real estate agencies and recruitment agencies.

Some examples:

Photo service with edition capabilities

Using plugins like attachement_fu and RMagick, I developed a solution allowing you to download, resize, crop, blur … your pictures.


Twitter clone called Noumba

For the company AF83, I developed from scratch one of the first French micro-blogging service: Noumba. This service offers artists an opportunity to keep in touch with their fanbase through the web and via sms. The service has disabled after one year of usage due to insuffisant revenues.


Ubuntu User Guide in French

As a big fan of Ubuntu, I wrote a book with 2 other people explaining how to use at its best the Ubuntu distribution.


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