Benchmarking sorting algorithms in Ruby

For some time now, I wanted to try the implementation of some simple sort algorithms in Ruby. So I did! I’ve implemented 4 sorting algorithms: – Quick sort – Merge sort – Bubble sort – Binary tree sort Quick sort It’s one of the most efficients. In average, it makes O(n.log(n)) comparisons to sort n items. […]

What will make you a better Elixir developer?

  Practising, practising and practising. That’s it đŸ™‚ So that’s what I did. During job interviews, you get these coding challenges, some are good, some are bad. I remember one: the bowling kata which is quiet fun. Here is the description of the coding test: Create a program, which, given a valid sequence of rolls […]

First steps with Elixir

Functional programming languages (FPL) are becoming more and more popular. Not sure if they are more and more used but at least they are more and more discussed on the web. I’ve finally decided to take the time to learn one of these FPL. And there was the problem, which one to choose! There is so […]

Gitweb configuration, the easy way

Ok if you have juste one git repository, git instaweb is for you. This command automatically generate the config to connect with a webserver installed on your server. I recommand you to try, it’s impressive as it’s simple. For me the best config is : git instaweb -d webrick Now if you have several git […]

XML to NSDictionary Converter

I found recently a nice lib easily converting XML to NSDictionary. The code is now on GitHub. Here are the key ideas: XML elements map to key names in the dictionary Each element corresponds to a child dictionary Attribute key-value pairs are added to the element’s child dictionary Strings from text nodes are assigned to […]