Hanami my personal return of experience

TL;DR Hanami may be nice on paper but it’s too constraining when it comes to work on real life situations. I’m sorry to say this but Hanami is a hipster framework. Hanami documentation consits of a starter guide and that’s all. No in-depth documentation. You’ll rapidly notice that if you look for a problem on […]

How I stopped coffee

Why i decided to stop drinking coffee 25 years of drinking coffee everyday. 25 years of having difficulties to sleep correctly. 25 years of feeling irritable. It was time to do something. Here is my little story about why I decided to stop drinking coffee. At my parents As a teenager, I could always find […]

Colemak keyboard Layout

After more than 10 years of Qwerty, I’m switching to Colemak. Why? I’ve realised alternative layouts are quiet popular in the Ruby on Rails community and in my company some people uses Dvorak layout. So I’ve started to read about the Qwerty alternatives. My interest got attracted by the Colemak and the Norman. They are […]

Use template for your commits

Yes it’s great to add descriptions and unicorns 🦄 in your tickets and pull request but where content is really needed is in your commits. It will always be connected to your code. It’s a reference we (developers) have to care about.   So your commits needs to be structured and they need to contain […]

Difference between Kernel.load and Kernel.require

First of you may ask yourself: “But gosh! What is the difference between ‘require’ and ‘Kernel.require’?”. And the response is NONE! It’s the same. Ruby loads the Kernel module without a receiver and thus can be called in functional form: or Basically Kernel.load will reload every time the file. Where Kernel.require will load the file […]